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IN VICTORY Christian Magazine in Russian Language

IN VICTORY Magazine founders
Sergey and Natasha Velbovets

IN VICTORY Christian Magazine is a unique project of INVICTORY MEDIA GROUP and Sergey Velbovets Ministries. The magazine's mission is to provide people with analytics about role of Christianity in modern society and also to show God's principles of achieving success in everyday life. IN VICTORY Magazine readers are Christians in former USSR countries and russian-speaking people in the world.

IN VICTORY Christian Magazine is serious monthly issue that is read by wide society circles. The magazine has a professional, appealing look and has a reputation of real free Christian press. Sergey and Natasha Velbovets have achieved the impossible goal: they created a real Christian magazine in post-atheistic society. People that denied God's existence yesterday willingly read magazine filled with Christian values today and find it very interesting and useful! There is no other Christian magazine in Russian language that gives such analytical view inside Christian world to say nothing of being really popular. Each year IN VICTORY Magazine nominates people of the year whose contribution to Christianity in former USSR countries was really significant.

IN VICTORY Magazine Mission:

- To teach Russian-language people worldwide how to live a victorious Christian life and also how to build strong, peaceful, successful families.

- To encourage Christian media in former USSR countries and to help with articles and materials for the written press, the world wide web, radio and TV.

- To use the lastest Internet technologies in magazine distribution such as PDF online publishing and the world wide web be more efficient in reaching people.

- To equip English language ministers which are interested in former USSR countries. Russian language countries is actually 1/6 of the world.

IN VICTORY editor in chief
Sergey Sergienko

IN VICTORY Main Topics:

Personal Growth, Christianity Around, Marrige and Relations, Job and Career, Christianity History, Inspirational Stories... and many others.


Arthur Kolchanov, Minister:

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Your magazine came to our local church and I decided to stand in the gap for this ministry. I believe and I know that God wants to rehabilitate many Christians through your ministry!

Joan V., Shop Assistant:

Sergey and Natasha! You must know that your magazines are God's blessings for many people! Thanks to them I have matured spiritually and found alot of useful answers for all my family. The Holy Spirit is always touching me when I am reading your magazine page by page. Thank you!

Valentina Slivachenko, Farmer:

I have received your magazine and been blessed. The Christians in my village have been blessed as well. Almost all of the people in my village have read your magazine and they liked it! I see how revival is coming through your ministry!

Nadezhda Nosko, Pensioner:

I thank God that He helps you to publish such a wonderful Christian magazine of victory! I read it occasionally, but soon I loved it! I am 63 and I like it very much because it clearly describes God and his purity. Please subscribe me! Your ministry helps me to understand the fullness of God's blessings and depth of His Word!

Nikolay S., Farmer:

Reading your magazine and seeing how God, by the power of Holy Spirit, acts in people's lives makes me cry. We ask God's blessings on your ministry and its founders, Sergey and Natasha Velbovets!

Andrew H., Teacher:

I have never known such a magazine as yours! I am happy that I have found such a GREAT magazine!!! It brings many answers to many of my questions! I thank God for people like you that have such a wonderful and powerful ministry!


Sergey interviewing popular Russian actress, Amaliya Goldanskaya
Sergey gives a "thumbs-up" at the arrival of the freshly printed magazines
Chicago Slavic Gospel Center president Mikhail Morgulis reading IN VICTORY


We are open to versatile cooperation and interaction with Christian ministries, churches, missions, publishers, media and just people.

Feel free to contact us at: info@invictory.info

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